Since starting this business, there have been a large number of people who have given of their time, worked unrealistic hours, and just been there with a resume and a promise of “you can bid me on a contract when it comes up.” I thought it was time to say thank you and allow many of us to meet in person, so I arranged a dinner in which we ate entirely too much food, drank entirely too many drinks, and probably should have skipped dessert but what the heck, everything tasted amazing. We all got to share stories, introduce ourselves, and get to know each other better. And I took some terrible pictures. I mean, they are TERRIBLE. Sincere apologies for the terrible pictures.

So we’ll call this our first annual company dinner, and we will hope that next year, it will be even bigger, with more people able to attend, with most of the people attending being actual employees.

Until then, thank you to everyone who has been there from March and beyond, including Lisandro, Lisa, Janice, Lili, Rebecca, Aziza, Tom, Linda, Kelly, Paul, Stacy, and Kyle. I wish you could have all been here, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your being around

Here are some terrible pictures:

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