Documentation should not be an afterthought. If there’s one thing that Software Engineers, Programmers, Cybersecurity Auditors, and other IT professionals all have in common, it’s that they don’t like writing documentation and they don’t like training. In any given IT project, there is always a need for excellent technical writing and instructional design. LP&G Cyber Communications was born out of that need.

We take the documentation and training burden off of your technical staff and let them get back to what they do best.

For our government and government contracting customers, we embed ourselves into engineering teams, learning first what the communications need will be and then writing documents in collaboration with the team. We are not just here to “put in the commas” or “make it look pretty.”

Clear Communication is vital to training less technical staff in how to keep their digital information secure; it is not just a matter of personal security but a matter of national security as well.

For our Cybersecurity Best Practices Training customers, we work hand-in-hand to ensure that we are designing a training that will resonate with their employees and keep them interested, while also providing relevant and timely information on how to keep their data safe.

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