Instructional Design & Trainings

Our instructional designers have experience in government and commercial training, with credentials from both universities and the Association for Talent Development. We look at each training problem as a Change Management problem, and we begin with a look at both the students’ needs as well as the organization’s needs. Our Instructional Designers can design trainings for anything from software training to employee change management modules, and we can deliver trainings in person, live via computer, via computerized toolset, or a combination of these and more.

Software Documentation

Our Technical Communication services go far beyond editing and formatting. Our work begins when we embed ourselves into a software engineering team and help define requirements. We will work with the team through the complete software development process all the way through to writing user manuals and instructional design, if needed. Or, in the case of an Agile project, we will define the best way to document user stories, backlog items, and eventually your design and implementation, so that the history of your project is kept and your users can stay current with changes as they occur. In the unusual occurance where a customer approves of Agile development but demands documents that are suited to waterfall development, we will work with you and your customer to define which documents are suitable and work with you to deliver acceptable documents to your customer.

Change Management & Change Communications

When something big is happening in your organization, it is not enough to tell your employees and expect them to accept the change without any resistence. A good Change Communication plan can help take your employees from resistence to acceptance and even guide them toward looking forward to the change. We can help you create a change management and change communication plan so that what comes to your company is looked at favorably.

Communication Workshops

We offer communication workshops to help your employees become better at written and visual communications, as well as to have a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in communications. These customizable courses are excellent for groups who might have been told their communication style needs to become more professional, or who have been cautioned about Section 504 issues in their documents.

Cybersecurity Audit Reporting

If your organization is performing a large number of cybersecurity audits and need to track findings, remediation recommendations, POA&Ms, and milestones, we can develop and customize the templates needed for your reports, allowing your auditors to spend more time testing systems and less time writing documents. We have extensive experience in Quality Assurance for audit reporting as well.

Cybersecurity Best Practices Training

We have taken our experience in providing cybersecurity best practices training that we designed for government customers and customized it for delivery to commercial clients. We can further customize it for your specific needs. For small businesses, we will teach your employees how to identify Personally Identifiable Information and Private information and how keep their data and client data safe both when in and out of the office. If you have data to protect, we can help you develop a best practices program and train your employees in a fun, interactive, and effective way.

Scientific Writing

Our Scientific Writing and Editing capabilities include Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and other Scientific writing and editing. Our Science Writers are experienced with the full breadth of publications management and writing — experience that includes gap analyses, publication plans, and manuscript preparation. They have worked directly with scientists to improve papers for presentation and publication and have in some cases appeared as an author on those publications. Our Science Writing capabilities have also reached into Medical and Biotech Marketing, from rebranding to full print and web marketing campaigns.

Technical & Scientific Writing Workshops

We are excited to offer new customizable courses in Technical Writing, available for writers of all abilities. We will work with your organization to help your team improve their skills. Because this course is fully customizable, it can be designed for any audience that wants to improve their writing, and for any length of time. We are fortunate to have talented scientific and medical writers on our team as well as experienced instructional designers. In bringing these together, we are able to offer special writing workshops, such as our two-day, customized Scientific Publications Workshop.

Proposal Writing

We use the Solution Engineering Framework for proposal capture, management, and writing. We will guide your proposals group to develop its solution based on the information that your Capture Manager has delivered, and we will ensure that the information that has been captured actually makes it to your proposals. Given a set of Subject Matter Experts, we can guide them to give us all of the data we need to write exceptional proposals that are tailored for each individual RFP and each individual company. We specialize in cybersecurity proposals but have experience in health, financial, telecommunications, workforce planning, and other markets as well.