A note from Lynne Powell Glowacki: Proposal writing and management is a topic dear to my heart. Over the years, I have put more time into proposals than into any other kind of writing, and doing it the right way is something I am passionate about.

When I first started my company, I got a lot of requests for proposal writing, and a lot of misunderstanding about what I do. Especially among small businesses, there is a misconception that proposal writers use the same material across all proposals and simply change the company name. In fact, when I told a small business owner that writing proposals that way was not going to win her work for long, she said that it had been working so far, so she was going to stay with what she knew!

The fact is, if you’re writing the same proposal for all of your bids, and worse, if you’re outsourcing your proposals to someone who is writing the same proposal for all of their work, you are not going to continue winning for long.

I was lucky to have learned proposal writing and management from excellent managers on the job. More recently, I have begun using the Solution Engineering Framework to help companies plan their capture and be ready for an RFP long before it drops. Because I am also a technical writer, I can write technical sections,
in the same way that I would for any other technical document, taking less time from your technical staff and allowing them to get back to their billable work.

We take the writing burden off of your technical staff and let them get back to what they do best.

Because your capture efforts comprise more than just looking at FedBizOpps and waiting for an RFP to drop, my writers, graphic artists, and I can help you with capture efforts, too. These include presentations, leave-behinds, slicks and other marketing materials, RFIs, and white papers slanted to work eventually as
statements of work. In fact, the more we help you with your capture efforts, the easier the process becomes once the RFP eventually drops.

Of course, we don’t just write proposals. If your RFP calls for documentation, please consider our company for all of your writing needs. Whether it’s a proposal, an Information Technology or cybersecurity program, or a scientific program, we have the right writer for you, and documentation should not be an afterthought.

If you would like to learn more about how we do proposal writing, please contact us to have a discussion.

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