Instructional Design

Our instructional designers have experience in government and commercial training, with credentials from both universities and the Association for Talent Development. We look at each training problem as a Change Management problem, and we begin with a look at both the students’ needs as well as the organization’s needs.

Cybersecurity and PII Best Practices: See our Cybersecurity Best Practices Page for our Cybersecurity course that can be tailored to your organization.

Professional Communications: We have also partnered with Greater Depth Media to develop a 3-part lunch-and-learn series on Communications. It includes: (1) Professional Written Communications, (2) Visual Communications, and (3) Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Communications.

Technical Writing Workshop: We are excited to offer new customizable courses in Technical Writing, available for writers of all abilities. We will work with your organization to help your team improve their skills. Because this course is fully customizable, it can be designed for any audience that wants to improve their writing, and for any length of time.

Scientific Communications Workshop: LP&G Cyber Communications is fortunate to have talented scientific and medical writers on our team as well as experienced instructional designers. In bringing these together, we are able to offer special writing workshops, such as our two-day, customized Scientific Publications Workshop.

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