Cybersecurity Best Practices

Do your employees work with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI)? Have they learned best practices for keeping that information secure, not just from a legal perspective but from the perspective of their customers or patients?

What is included in the training? In person-interactive training at your facility. Fun, interactive "quizzes." Supporting documents. In-depth discussion of real-world problems, Final report with metrics.

We have taken our experience in providing cybersecurity best practices training that we designed for government customers and customized it for delivery to commercial clients. We can further customize it for your specific needs.

For small businesses, we will teach your employees how to identify Personally Identifiable Information and Private information and how keep their data and client data safe both when in and out of the office.

This class has created a cybersecurity word cloud based on their concerns about the cyber world and what it touches. Lynne Points out that privacy seems to be a concern of everyone's.

For Health Care, we have a Patient-Centric View of Health Care Privacy that goes beyond the legal aspects of HIPAA training.

For Real Estate, we have a Cybersecurity Best Practices presentation that helps Realtors maintain their records according to law while helping them keep their clients’ PII safe.

The possibilities are endless. If you have data to protect, we can help you develop a best practices program and train your employees in a fun, interactive, and effective way.

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