101 Pieces of Paper…

and we’re not done yet.

Something has got to be done about the order in which everything must be done in order to start up a business around here. There are plenty of guides out there that tell you what to do, but the order is the problem.

For example, there are some registrations that, if you pay for by check, require that the check come from your business bank account. But you need to show those registrations in order to open the business bank account. So, yet another trip to the bank for a cashier’s check and the hopes that nothing is lost in the mail.

I should turn this into a project for myself. After going through everything, I’ll write a quick guide for the best order for doing each item in the fewest steps.

LP&G — Hello World

It’s been a bit of a crazy week–I didn’t expect to be publishing so soon, but WordPress seems to have done some publishing for me, so rather than have their basic “The Journey Begins” blog post, I figured I’d start something of my own. So here we are. What the HECK is LP&G Cyber Communications? What is this? Why are we here?

Back in 1999, when I was in graduate school in class with the great Jim Henry studying Collaborative Communications, I made a bold statement that I wanted to open my own technical communications company. He responded that he was sure I would get there–that with my skills and drive I would find a way and do it.

It’s been twenty years, and it’s about time. LP&G Cyber Communications was born in February 2018. Its first real blog post was in March 2018. And with any luck, the work will follow.

I’ll leave WordPress’s picture. It’s cool.