About Us

LP&G Cyber Communications is a small, woman-owned business based in Reston, Virginia. We provide combined program analysis, change management, technical writing, and instructional design and training to government and commercial clients.

Lynne Powell Glowacki is the owner and founder of LP&G Cyber Communications. After 18 years of experience in professional writing, instructional design, and IT program analysis, she came to realize that most programs are at best inefficient and at worst wasteful when it comes to their technical communications needs. Out of this realization was born LP&G Cyber Communications. 

Lynne has a Master of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Carnegie Mellon University. She is an ATD Master Instructional Designer with a specialty in Evaluating Learning Impact, and she is an ICAgile Certified Professional. 

Lynne’s hobbies include tabletop gaming, painting, knitting, and being a dance mom, which may not actually be a hobby.

Aziza-Lilit Azar is a writer, business process manager, and change manager who comes to LP&G Cyber Communications after nearly 20 years of helping other startups get off the ground. She knows how things go in startups and so is there for everything from marketing to graphic design to reminding everyone that we really do have to create some content for ourselves and not just for other people. If LP&G were Stark Industries, she would be our Pepper Potts.

Outside of work, Aziza enjoys science fiction, gaming, helping her friends wherever she is needed, and networking, which is really working but don’t tell her.

Lili Fox Vélez, Ph.D. is a writer, editor, and instructor, specializing in scientific, technical, and medical communication.  She brings over 25 years of teaching and industry experience to LP&G Cyber Communications, and she loves helping people understand complicated ideas so they can make responsible, well-informed decisions.

Lili has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and a Master of Arts in English from Carnegie Mellon University, where her dissertation work examined how scientists learn to have appropriate confidence in their own laboratory results. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in English is from Arcadia University.  Lili founded the Biomedical Writing Program at the University of the Sciences, the first degree-granting program for medical writers in the United States. 

When Lili isn’t wrangling words or helping people become better writers, you are likely to find her in the garden, in her craft studio, or rehearsing music. Someday it will be safe to sing in public again….

Kyle Glowacki is our Consulting Hacker and Lynne’s husband. Kyle keeps the home office safe from attack and describes purely hypothetical ways that an attacker could hack into your phone, computer, or accounts. Kyle has his Computer Science degree from SUNY Buffalo, and has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering.

We think he’s good to have around, and we are glad that he uses his powers for good. 

Kyle enjoys tabletop gaming, hiking, and playing Starcraft.

Lisandro Mozo-Alfaro is a junior communications major at James Madison University. He is a first-generation student and will be the first in his family to graduate with a college degree.

Lisandro was our summer intern and is back to school, and we cannot wait to have him back next summer! Lisandro also volunteers as a familia lead at Hispanic College Institute hosted at Virginia Tech, seeking to empower Latino high school students to continue in higher education.  

Lisandro loves to socialize with friends, spend time watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, work out at the gym, and go on spontaneous adventures.

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